This site is maintained by [ Alderac Entertainment Group] (AEG) to provide information about rules, cards, and play formats for its [ Legend of the Five Rings] (L5R) collectible card game.

The site is a living document and changes are incorporated regularly, usually on a Monday to provide maximum exposure before weekend tournaments. ”’Although edit links are visible, only Rules Team members and other AEG officials are able to edit or add comments to the site.”’

Linked below are the sections of

* The [ rulebook for A Matter of Honor] (pdf, 23 MB) teaches basic principles using a simplified version of the Ivory Edition game.
* The [ Ivory Edition Basic Rulebook] (pdf, 6.6 MB) and [ Ivory Edition Advanced Rulebook] (pdf,3.8 MB) are good resources for learning the full game in stages.
* The [[media:Ivory_Comprehensive_Rules.rtf | Ivory Edition Comprehensive Rules]], last updated Oct 21 2014, are the complete rules document for the two-player standard L5R game. They are formatted for search and printing as an .rtf file (1.5 MB) [[media:Ivory_Comprehensive_Rules.pdf | or as a .pdf]] (1.4 MB).
* [[Alternate Format Rules]] (including War of Honor multiplayer game, Legacy, [[IE_Booster_Draft|Ivory Edition draft]], sealed deck)
* [ Ivory Edition Floor Rules] (pdf, 596 KB, version of 16 Sep 2014) covering the conduct of organized events; and [[media:2014-Code_of_Bushido-April-18th-Update.pdf | Code of Bushido]] (pdf, 345 KB, version of 18 April 2014) covering enforcement of floor rules

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